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Director: Gio Pachkoria
Plastic: Marta Hanna
Actresses: Svitlana Maliuha, Tamara Patsata,
Alina Iskerko, Iryna Sokovych
Music: Folknery, Kurbasy, Dakha Brakha, Folk songs recorded by Ivan Franko
The Heads of SPLASH: Natalia Yakymchenko, Oleksiy Yatsyuta

The play was presented in 5th of June 2021.
The duration of the play - 1 hour and 15 minutes

Анні ніколи не дозволяли мати власну думку, приймати власні рішення, жити своїм життям. Усі навколо її знали краще як мріяти, кохати і жити. Навіки вічні.
Та ось повернувся її коханий Михайло, якого довго вважали мертвим. А з ним пам'ять про радість і щасливе життя. Але чи достатньо пристрасті, щоб повернути справжню Анну?

Anna durfte nie eine eigene Meinung vertreten, eigene Entscheidungen treffen, ein eigenes Leben führen. Jeder um sie herum wusste besser zu träumen, zu lieben und zu leben. Auf immer und ewig.
Doch nun ist ihr geliebter Mihailo, lange totgeglaubt, zurückgekehrt. Und mit ihm die Erinnerung an Freude und ein glückliches Leben. Aber genügt die Leidenschaft, um die wahre Anna zurückzubringen?

Anna was never entitled to her opinion, her choices, her life. Everyone around her thought they knew better what to dream about, who to love and what to be. It seemed that it would always be the way it turned out: unloved husband Mykola, constant housework and pain tearing the heart.
But her beloved Mihailo, who was still dead to her, has returned. And Anna was resurrected with him. Her soul remembered how to rejoice and be happy. But is passion enough to restore the real Anna? A woman who has come face to face with fear, pain, memory and feelings. She is strangled by 'necklace of tears'.
How deeply can society probe into your life that you keep burying your life in the grave? Will Anna find her way to inner freedom? Will she have the strength? Will she understand who really stole her happiness?
The mystique of life and drama of the human soul in collages of plastic and ethnic music performed by four actresses.

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